3D Quote Support Software(Auto Sheet Metal Unfolding: Cloud-based・AI Equipped)"Gaia"

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Shocking “Quote Rationalisation”

It reduces working hours on quotation for the precision sheet metal market.

The world’s first auto 3D quote support software was born.

Our unique 3D model “alfa3D” enables you to use automatic mode on Gaia Quote.
STEP file→SolidWorks→auto sheet-metal auto unfolding→Gaia Quote
Compared with the conventional method, The time required for quotation gets 90% shorter.

Shocking “Quote Rationalisation”

It’s ok if you don’t have 3D model data

1. You can use our 3D model production service with a low price.

2.Since direct mode is equipped, everyone makes a quote by inputting some information on Gaia Quote.  

 Quote data will be utilised one day

Quote data will be saved automatically with the drawing data on alfaDOCK. Therefore, you can find a previous quote data quickly.

 Gaia Quote is effective in time reduction on quotation and  searching.

In the near future,  AI engine searches drawings based on the similarity of the drawing.

(Gaia Quote Standard Package has alfaDOCK)

 The advantages of cloud-based system

 1. Users can make a quote anywhere.

 2. Users can divide quotation work amongst several workers and then the person in charge can check quotes at the last

 (Max. five terminals can be used without any additional charge. )


GAIA solves issues!

Direct mode

  1. Users can use three-view drawings on Gaia Quote

Automatic mode

  1. alfa3D auto generator makes alfa3D with 3DCAD data.
  2. alfa3D will be converted from SolidWorks 3DCAD captured on SolidWorks add-on module.
  • Direct Mode

    Direct Mode

  • Automatic Mode

    Automatic Mode

  • alfa3D


  • alfa3D



Please contact our technical center for inquiries.

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