Manufacturing IoT “alfa TKG”

alfaScope ・ alfaDOCK ・ alfaKIOSK

Manufacturing IoT “alfa TKG”

alfaScope ・ alfaDOCK ・ alfaKIOSK

3 alfa solutions

alfa-IoT Series

alfa SCOPE


alfa DOCK

Realizing 5S for Information

alfa KIOSK

Going Paperless

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【alfa SCOPE】Visualization

“Visualization Service” alfaTKG provides creates 3D-CAD data based on your 2D drawings and “Visualization Document (※PHD)” at the same time to realize “visible drawings”.

This service can be provided for a 500-yen coin. Its “new experience of viewing drawings stereoscopically” for anyone and anywhere is bringing game-changing innovation to your management, sales and factories and all “manufacturing fields”.

By using this service with “visible factories” and “visible people” services, “a stream of production” and “a stream of people” that have been invisible are “visualized” by CG drawing.
※PHD is a Paperless Hyper Document and our original service to “visualize” any information from a 2D drawing + a 3D drawing and a part drawing (BOM list) to an assemble procedure.


【alfa DOCK】Realizing 5S for Information

“5S” is quintessence for manufacturing but not easy to sort the information of whole company.
alfaTKG thinks “realizing 5S for information” is needed to resolve this issue and have developed “manufacturing IoT system” for EMSs that is very unique in the industry.

Utilizing this system named “alfaDOCK” consolidates huge quantities of drawings in your company or all “manufacturing information” in your factory as property of your company (putting the information under your company’s management). It also can establish a “cloud core system” for information management with the minimum expense and labor to take a first action of the “manufacturing IoT system”.

This system includes “3 courses” according to various customers’ needs. Each course brings tremendous impact to “search and time shortening” by “realizing 5S” leveraging alfa DOCK.


【alfa KIOSK】Going Paperless

alfa TKG has focused on integration development associating know-hows (analog) of your company with “alfaDOCK” leveraging property (machine and software) you are possessing now.

As a result, a variety of expanding options such as “alfaKIOSK series” or “alfaDEVICE series” have come out achieving digitalization of the know-hows (analog) of processes (testing, welding or the like) in your preferable order and keeping on progressing day by day.

This service realizes “paperless innovation ” of your factory.

About US

Date of Foundation :March 3, 2014
Fiscal Year :From January 1 to December 31
Company Start-Up :July 1, 2014
Address of Office :Nihonbashi, Tokyo
Capital Fund :81,500,000 JPY
Managing Director :Toshio Takagi
Payroll Number :24 (9 in Japan and 15 outside of Japan)
Bank of Account :Mizuho Bank, Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Nihonbashi Branch
Tax Accountant :Idenawa & Company Inc.
Patent Attorney :Shounan Soft Asset Management Laboratory
Address of Head Office :PRESIS Nihonbashi Mitsukoshimae mimuro 701, 4-1-13, Honcho,
Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,Japan 103-0023
Int. TEL :+81-3-3527-9026
FAX :+81-3-3527-9027

Introduction and Message

Managing Director Toshio Takagi

Managing Director Toshio Takagi

1953 Born in Nagano city
1977 Graduated from the University of Electro-Communications
1977 Entered Amada Co., Ltd.
Sales Division Director of Amada Co., Ltd.
Overseas Division Director of Amada Co., Ltd.
CEO of Amada America Inc.
CEO of Amada Europe HQ S.A.S.
Executive Managing Director of Amada Co., Ltd.
2014 Left Amada Co., Ltd.
2014 Established alfaTKG Co., Ltd.
Established alfaTKG India Co., Ltd.


We, alfaTKG, started business in March 2014 as a venture company of “manufacturing IoT system”.

Our mission is contributing digital innovation of small and medium-sized manufacturers with our CEO, Toshio Takagi and all the other staffs having experience and career specialized in small and medium-sized manufacturers by leveraging our experience of exploring techniques in software and control industry, our strong networks in international community.

Since our establishment, we have worked on industry-university joint development with Indian Institute of Technology and other prestigious universities at our development center in Bangalore, India.
Services of alfa-IoT series named “alfaSCOPE”, “alfaDOCK” and “alfaKIOSK” have completed and we have received high valuation for those services.

We will open our technical center in Nihonbashi, Tokyo to provide our services of the alfa series to more people.

【Provisionally called alfaTKG Tokyo Technical Center that is opening in January 2017】Tokyo Technical Center is located within 1-minite walk from our current head office and will have a small show space.
Based on our head office, Tokyo Technical Center and India Development center, we are doing our best to be of service of your “manufacturing IoT”.